Every WordPress Comes with a Blog

white cat stretched out on open book

Though my other professional site, KarmaBennett.com, is also made on WordPress, I removed the blog from it because I knew I didn’t want to post there. I’m hesitant to keep a blog if I am not going to have the time to make regular updates. If you feel the same way, WordPress is still a great choice for managing your site. I can simply remove the blog. But most people want a blog, so this site needs to have one for you to check out…and here it is.

However, I do occasionally have announcements that I want to share so I may as well include them here. In that sense, you may wish to subscribe if you want to find out about classes I’m teaching.

But for now, think of this post as a sample post of a WordPress blog. It can have photos, like the one above. It can have audio or video or a gallery, like so.

If you’re not sure if WordPress can do the thing you want, email and ask me. (The answer is probably yes.)


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