One of the first thing marketing experts will tell you is that you have to have a subscription form on your website.  A list like the one below, that one could theoretically subscribe to in order to learn the latest news. On this website about websites, naturally I simply must have one. So here it is.

But I have to be real with you, I am not eager to email you. You’re busy. I’m busy. You don’t really need another monthly newsletter to read, so I’m not going to send you one. But now you know I can make you a subscription form for your site. Ta-da!

If you use the form below, it is possible I may email you some day. If I am going to do a speaking engagement, or if I’ve decided to offer a discount on services, or if I’m doing another radio interview, I would probably email you to let you know. These things are known to happen from time to time. Could be this year, could be next. Or not. It’s all so theoretical at this point.

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