I built this site for writers, because it’s authors and books that have shaped my career. But not all of my clients are authors. One of my first WordPress clients was a music producer (and the teacher of my HTML and web design course!). I’ve worked on sites for diet coaches, interior designers, e-commerce stores, artists, book reviewers, etc.

Many of my clients have some special expertise that they would like to some day turn into a book. Hiring me to design the structure of their sites, we can plan how the content of the site can later be easily packaged into book form. I’ve worked on the publishing end of many blog-to-book projects, so I know exactly how much—and what content—to effectively give away on the site.

However I do occasionally take clients who have no interest in ever being a writer. They want someone who will create a beautiful website that’s easy to maintain, with content that meets the strict standards of the publishing world. Want that too? Drop me an email.

What If You Have a Self-Published Book?

If your book is self-published, rather than published by a traditional publisher, getting your website just right is twice as important. Why? Because with a traditional publisher, your book will at least have a home on their website. Though most publishers provide little more than a photo, a purchase link, and some marketing copy, a potential reader looking for more information on you and your book will have your publisher’s brand giving your book credibility. If your book is self-published, you are now responsible for 100% of the impression created in the minds of book buyers (in short: your brand). If your website is ugly or poorly structured, people will expect the same of your book. You’ll also be responsible for all of your own marketing and publicity, so the benefits of marketing, social media, and analytics plugins are even more important.

Not Sure If I’m the Right Person to Build Your New Site?

Get in touch, and I’d be happy to discuss the matter.