Web Host and Domain

Choosing the company you buy your hosting from is no small potatoes. Costs, features and reliability vary wildly.

I can set this up for you, but if you want to do it yourself, these are the companies I recommend.

If you want to learn more about what web hosts I recommend and why, check out this detailed explanation I wrote for Learn HTML with Song. I’ve also written a series on What Is a Web Host and What Is a Server, to help clarify those points.  In short, your web host is the computer where your website lives and the domain name is the url. The web host is the physical address of the actual server, while the domain is the NameOfYourSite.com. These are totally different products, but many companies try to lump everything together so they can sell you more stuff.

For web hosting I recommend Stablehost, and for purchasing domains I prefer NameSilo. If you decide to purchase hosting or a domain from either, I hope that you’ll use the links below, as they are affiliate links which give me a tiny referral fee. Last I checked, if you use the Stablehost link below, you should get a one-time 50% discount.

You can also use the coupon code “futureisfiction” at checkout, for either website.