Marketing Services

Why You Need Marketing

Many authors are familiar with the need to hire a publicist, but neglect marketing. Publicity is important because it shows that someone else is willing to vouch for your work. Especially when it comes to¬† books, music, and other creative professions, you need an independent party to vouch for you, and reviews don’t have enough clout. That’s why there is an emphasis on hiring a publicist. But lately there are a lot of people paying a lot for PR that end up getting listed on pay-to-play book sites that list every book who is willing to shell out the cash. If you have to pay to be listed it isn’t really PR, it’s marketing. And as far as marketing goes, you can do a lot better than a disingenuous site that’s only content is advertising for books they haven’t even read!

Marketing is paying to get your message in front of a particular audience. For many, just letting the world know your book, band or project even exists is the biggest challenge. Here are the ways I can do that for you.

Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Advertising

Don’t simply boost your posts; that is a waste of money. If you’re spending money on social media ads, it’s critical to consider your audience and create an ad that is as specific as possible for that audience.Social media advertising is the best value for your money

  • Facebook Ads/ Instagram Ads
  • Twitter ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Reddit ads

Targeted Search Advertising

Digital ads are a complex ecosystem. As with social media ads, the most important thing is to target exactly the right audience. Why throw away money running your ads in front of people who aren’t going to buy?

  • Google ads
  • Amazon ads
  • Display ads, aka banner ads, on websites where your audience visits
  • Retargeting ads – these are ads people see after they have visited your site or social media page. Some people find them creepy, but the truth is that the person who has visited your site once is more likely to become a customer. Most people won’t make a purchase on the first visit, which is why retargeting is essential.

Marketing Funnels and UI Copywriting

If someone clicks on an ad and they land on your website, then what? Does your website take the reader on a journey that leads them to be more interested in your product? If they’re not ready to buy, what is the next thing you can offer them? How can you get them to commit to keep up with what you’re offering? If you’re investing money in getting people to come to your website, you need to be confident that those who visit your site are having an experience that leads them to engage fully, and ultimately get sales.

  • Marketing strategy
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Magnets
  • Email list sign-up forms
  • Marketing funnels
  • Ad landing pages